Today’s batteries are made using hazardous materials and expensive equipment such as dry rooms, clean rooms, and high-temperature processes. Instead of starting with the battery, Prieto started with the manufacturing process. Our goal was simple – develop a highly scalable process using low-cost sustainable materials. Our patented process uses water, electricity and mild chemicals like citric acid at room temperature. Simple and scalable.

Built To Scale

Because we started with manufacturing, we landed on a simple process using low-cost sustainable materials. That means we can scale quickly and efficiently. During the past year, we scaled our battery 1,000 times and have proven stacking capabilities.

Scalability Chart

Built To Manufacture

Not only can we scale quickly, our water-based electroplating process has been used for decades and is very well-known. As a result, we can scale our manufacturing process as we scale our battery.


Low Cost

and Greener

Water Based Process at Room Temperature

Easily Accessible Materials

No Exotic Equipment

Highly Scalable

The Best is Yet to Come

Our battery’s performance is unmatched. But we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the true capabilities of our patented 3D architecture. Expect more improvements in the next 12 months: